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  • Backstage
    75x120 cm
    Dancers behind the curtains during a show. The ambience.Red Angels
    Red Angels
    150x150 cm
    Ballerinas a few minutes before going on stage. Some last small movements to warm up, last checks on costumes and poses. They look calm and concentrated but there is huge excitement inside their beautiful and sharp bodies.Show Time
    Show Time
    130x97 cm
    A dancer checking her hair before a show. The idea is to combine the incompatible: the lux of a classical ballerina and the street art. This delicate and chic Prima Ballerina will probably get into her sneakers and a leather jacket after the show and will continue the evening drinking beer and partying with friends...
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  • Olga Malinovskaya - artist, ballerina, fashion designer.
    Great artists are not born, but become.
    First of all they are fIlled up with certain life
    events, personal observations and the
    diversity of the surrounding world.
    The mysterious and attractive world of
    ballet has become an inspiration for Olga
    Malinovskaya. Being one of the best graduates of the Moscow State Academy of
    Choreography at the Bolshoi Theatre of the Russian Federation, she danced many leading classical and contemporary roles during her career in some of the most famous theatres in the world. Spectators of the
    Bolshoi, La Scala, the Boston Opera House, the National Opera of Estonia and
    the Opera of Nice have admired her numerous leading roles. Among them are Odette-Odile (Swan Lake), Kitri (Don Quixote), Juliet (Romeo and Juliet),
    Masha/Clara (The Nutcracker), Sylphide (La
    Sylphide), and the roles in modern ballets of Nacho Duato, Mauro Bigonzetti, George Balanchine and other influential modern choreographers.
    All this time Olga did not just dance, she absorbed the atmosphere of the theatre backstage, noticing for herself many intimate and magical creations in the moment of high art. In love with the ballet atmosphere and dance, she sketched scenes from everyday theatrical life in her notebook
    for fifteen years. Over time, painting took a dominant role in the life of Olga Malinovskaya - some
    of her sketches turned into a collection of paintings called SHOW TIME.
    Each dancer always tries to introduce something different and individual to the image familiar to millions of people. This habit has remained with Olga in painting too - she not only uses paint in her works, but also most genuine 24-carat gold leaves. This is a gentle and very delicate material, which must be handled with extreme caution - one blow will be enough for the gold leaf to fly away or completely crumble. That is why the style of painting, chosen by Olga, requires tremendous concentration and labour.
    But the result is worth it. Thanks to the paintings of Olga Malinovskaya, the spectator plunges into the atmosphere of the majestic imperial theatres, can feel the warm glow of colours and enjoy the elegance of the performance. In addition, any change in the lighting creates unique effects in
    the picture. Working in oil or acrylic with the addition of 24 carat gold leaves, Olga Malinovskaya has come up with a unique genre - scenes from the magical, but hard, daily world of ballet artists.
    That world, which is beyond the reach of the audience and which we can only guess and dream about.
    Many works of Olga Malinovskaya are now in private collections around the world.
    Olga collaborates with interior designers and also produces an exclusive line of clothing for ballet dancers called CLAZZDANCE. All her work is imbued with a love of ballet - this unique world
    of beauty and pain, lightness and hard work. The same can be seen in the collection of paintings SHOW TIME.

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