There is always something positive that comes out after the negative, the lockdown forced many talented artists to come out of their closet to express their emotions through creative activities that many have been longing to have the time or opportunity to engage with such as painting, photography, sculpting, drawing, creating videos, singing and acting or even tattooing. Many of whom shared their creations with us, we must admit they are truly impressive.

We felt that their creations merit to be shared and acknowledged, hopefully we can encourage them to unlock their potential offering new opportunities to these talents to bring out more art to this world, we believe art and beauty are also contagious let’s spread it.

Artsfemin is dedicated to redress the gender imbalance in the artworld empowering female artists, managed by a group of feminists which includes males who support the cause, feminism and gender equality is not men against women, it is not women against men, it is all of us together, striving to be ‘each for equal’. We need to do better and we can help make a difference.

We are organising a contest offering the winner of each category, a free website and six months free promotion on all our social media handlers reaching over half a million art lovers and professionals around the world.


Talented Creator



Painting, illustration, drawing, body art, digital art, sculpting, video, singing, music, photography 


To be a talented female artist, we don’t mind your age or location!


A video or pictures depicting your creation in progress.


High quality picture of your creation, if video or song a link to download the file.


Final date to enter is May 30, 2020 the sooner we receive it the more visibility you will get.


Results will be announced on September 5, 2020


Design and posting promotional banners on all our handlers including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud. Tiktok, Snapshot and others with over forty thousand followers reaching over half a million art professionals and art lovers.


The jury will be the public, winners are assessed based on the number of likes you will receive during three months campaign which we will be spreading on all our social media network. 


Winner of each category will get:


A personalised website


Six Months Promotion on all our social media handlers


Invitation to exhibit in our next event


This initiative is not for profit, we need to charge you €20 administration fee, you will not be charged anything else.


What if I pay and you don't like my work?

In this contest we’re not the jury we’re leaving that to the public, if you feel whatever you’re creating will have an appeal, go ahead and part with your twenty Euros it could turn out to be the best twenty Euro investment you ever made!

What if I already have a website?

You might wish to consider refreshing it or simply benefit from the marketing exposure and invitation to our next event.

How often do you organise events?

Normally we have two events per year in a luxury location, see our Instagram  feed below covering our last event in Gstaad featuring fifty five artists from 35 countries.

I'm a male but I got talent can I qualify?

We believe and support the All for Equal cause and we do appreciate your interest and support but our mission is to provide opportunities for women contributing to redress the gender imbalance in the art world.

Do you prepare the promotional material?

Yes we do, all included in the administration fee.

Can I participate in more than one category?

Sure if you are multi-talented you’re welcome to it, we will need to charge you the administration fees for each entry.

I have more questions how can I reach you?

Please do not hesitate to

We look forward to sharing your creation, wishing you all best of luck!

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